What is stress and how to manage it?


Stress is a disturbance reaction in our physical or mental equilibrium. And it is definitely part of our life. Even the smallest animals in the world experience stress.  A stressful event triggers the “fight-or-flight” response, causing adrenaline hormones and cortisol to surge through the body.

There is this type of stress that may be in to you it is what we called a little bit of stress, known as “acute stress” can be exciting—it keeps us active and alert.

But long-term: “chronic stress” can have detrimental effects on health.

 You may not be able to control the stressors in your world, but you can alter your reaction to them.

Stress can lead INSOMNIA when worse came worse. You cannot sleep early at night because of taking too much of the problem that exist. And in the process a reaction can be done called INSOMIA.

Insomnia refers to an inadequate feeling or sleep disorder caused by too much thinking. It indicates the inability to fall asleep or even stay asleep. A person suffering from insomnia may have the tendency to wake up too early. And it also refers to poor sleep or you can barely sleep through the night.


1. INITIAL INSOMNIA– It is referred to having trouble falling asleep.

2. MIDDLE INSOMNIA– Trouble remaining asleep through the night.

3. TERMINAL INSOMNIA– sleeping late and waking up too early.

The inability to feel refreshed and rested upon awakening for at least one month leads to so called Insomnia and results to daytime drowsiness.

Insomnia can be classified and determine into three (3) categories such as:


If insomnia occurs from a single night until it runs up to few weeks is referred to as Transient Insomnia.  And if transient Insomnia returns from time to time then it is set to be called Intermittent Insomnia. A primary Insomnia is considered to be chronic if it does occur from time to time and most nights became so sleepless and gradually lasts push through from month or more.


Insomnia can be a side effect of a situational problem. Some have the ability to carry on and cope up with their problems while some can’t sleep at night thinking about it. Others do manage their burdens properly but in most cases Insomnia occurs because of persons with pity emotions. Some have medical attributes and/or a sleep disorder.

 Adult women and individuals with a history of depression are more likely to experience Insomnia. Factors such as anxiety, stress and a medical problem or the use of certain medications make the chance of insomnia more likely as its medical side effect.

Studies have shown that a child can be exposed to stressful environment. It is difficult to recognize a child in stress but there are signs which of big help for us to determine whether a child is at stress. There are infants and also toddlers suffer from stressful and traumatic childhood. Everything a child hears or sees affects their surround. They may not understand the feeling but it is actually happening around town.

They are directly become affected about what is happening around them specially the closest people in their lives, their parents and immediate family. They care too much to the people around them. The love, safety and security they want to have come from their love ones. They fear to lose someone that is why they cry. And when ignored they became anxious and for all we know the kid is experiencing a stress.

A parent should assure a kid the security every time a child wanted an attention and that he or she is being loved. Reassure him of your presence. And when you quarrel with someone or your partner, you should do it in a closed room so he could not listen to conflicts. You should always take some time to listen to what he is saying even if doesn’t sound clear. A parent and you should always be aware of your child’s actions to be able to determine his mood. Try to be happy every time you talk to your child.

















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