The headline and text of this story have been updated to remove misleading references to Mokriya’s work with Path. A Mokriya representative initially claimed the company was the “mobile development studio behind blockbuster apps like Path” but in truth only consulted with Path on a BlackBerry app that was never released, both it and Path have confirmed.

Craigslist gets over 50 billion page views and over 60 million U.S. visitors every month — yet the classified site’s design and mobile strategy appear stuck in the year 2000 (when it first expanded beyond San Francisco). Craigslist offers a barebones mobile view, and it’s recently rolled out some mobile-friendly features like a map view and an image-heavy grid view. But it’s never released its own smartphone or tablet app, and its API is closed.

Mokriya craigslist app 2Plenty of companies have stepped in to try to fill the void, and the most recent of…

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